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La salud de la gente es un derecho humano.
We believe health care is a basic human right.

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Rashida Tlaib, State Representative, 13th District "I love CHASS, many folks know that when I was a little girl I used to come here for all of my shots even though I didn't always have the best feeling when I first came through the doors but I knew that I was being taken care of. It’s just one of those jewels in your community that doesn't get the attention it needs but when I come here and see this beautiful new building, the line still out the door of all these families and children that need access to health care, I am so blessed to have this right here in our backyard to be able to send our families to. And so many folks are suffering from diabetes, from a number of things our children are facing not knowing exactly what's going on with their health and for them to have access to this amazing clinic I think is something that we need to treasure and something that we need to continue to support."